OKIナビゲーター!「ラジオウタリ」第一回目(11/12 )ゲスト:ピーターバラカン

町民ゲスト:谷地田未緒(国立アイヌ民族博物館 )
“Radio Utari” is a three-time music experience program in which OKI, a music producer and Ainu traditional stringed instrument Tonkori player, acts as a host personality DJ. It will be broadcast live from Shiraoi, Hokkaido to the whole world.
It is a music program that carefully selects and delivers the world of high-quality sounds and unknown sounds from all over the world, including Ainu music. We will dig deep into the background of the music, local folklore, traditional performing arts, surrounding culture, etc. It will be two hours to expand the world map of sound and convey the depth of world music and the fun of the diversity of the world.
The first broadcast will feature Peter Barakan, a music critic and broadcaster who listens to truly good music from all ages, east and west, regardless of genre, and who is also a personality on many music programs.
[1st broadcast]
November 12th(Friday), 19: 30-21: 30
Special guest: Peter Barakan
Community Guest: Mio Yachita (National Ainu Museum)
Host DJ: OKI